Hunters Army

Loudest Roar is reserved for the #HuntersArmy!

PBL Season 3 is just around the corner. As your favourite team gets ready for this scintillating season ahead, our biggest fans like you will make all the difference! As a part of this very special #HuntersArmy, you can participate in a plethora of online competitions lined up just for you on our social media channels. From this awesome battalion of #HuntersArmy, there will be an exclusive #Top10 Leaderboard announced on January 5th, 2018. If you feature in our top 10 most active fans on Jan 5th, you will win two tickets for a Hyderabad Hunters match and a royal red Hunters t-shirt! Come watch the #Hyderabaddies set the courts on fire! An electrifying atmosphere awaits you:)

How do I start?

Well, you are already in the fray because everyone in the #HuntersArmy is very special indeed. We have a special certificate designed just for you. Now that you are a Certified Hunters Fan, you can announce it with pride on your social media handles. Sharing this achievement on your social media channel is great way to announce your arrival into the #HuntersArmy!

How do I check my current position?

Every week we publish the current #Top10 from the #HuntersArmy Brigade! Keep a watch out for this leaderboard. If you are featuring in the weekly #Top10 list, keep it up! But don’t become complacent, there is a long way to go till January 5th! If you are not in the top 10 yet, not to worry, but you have a challenging battle ahead! The scenario can change dramatically before January 5th.

How can I feature in the #Top10 of #HuntersArmy?

All you need to do is keep roaring, sharing, liking and participating in all our contests lined up just for you. Our automated social media crawler picks the top 10 based on the fan’s involvement and participation on our social media channels!

What are the Contests?


Record your roar of support for Team Hyderabad Hunters from your smartphone! All you need to do is open this link on your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop and record a nice little motivational video snippet! Your support and cheer matters a lot! So what are you waiting for? Click, Shoot and lend your #HuntersVoice here.


Catch up on the latest updates from Team Hyderabad Hunters. Player Interviews, Pre- Season updates, Match Roundups, Contest Alerts and a lot more. Watch out and Stay Tuned! You never know, you might be featuring in one of our episodes! You shouldn't be missing this one!


Get raw and real with Team Hyderabad Hunters! Exclusive behind the scenes clips and videos, facebook live, live match commentary, music, sounds, vibes and a lot more! Stay #OntheProwl and get to know the #Hyderabaddies like never before!


This features some awesome trivias like spotting the differences, puzzles and quizzes which are litmus tests for all the Hunters Fans!


The Popular Minton Versus Bad Polls and Contests are back again this season. The adorable Minton and Bad will keep testing your Badminton IQ! This contest is about Badminton, Bad, Minton and you:)


The Golden Baddies are those extraordinary baddies from past who have contributed immensely to modern day Badminton! So how well do you know them? The #GoldenBaddies contest is a golden opportunity for the #HuntersArmy!


Well, we have a roaring sense of humour! We have a whole new line of humour lined up for you. This is your best chance to spot the laughing panther;) Tag a friend, roll in laughter, share a laugh! All in good humour:)


Pure Nostalgia and Vintage Stuff! A recap of some golden moments etched in our memories from the seasons gone by! Let’s see how well you remember them:)

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